No Way! Call Of Duty Has a YOLO Mode

We are not prepared. Excuse the quick reference to Warcraft (hello, Illidan fans), but this is the only appropriate phrase to justify the existence of such news. Gamers, are you ready? Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has released a permadeath YOLO mode.

Yes. You read that right. YOLO mode. In Call of Duty.

For those who have been living under the gaming rock, Infinite Warfare is set in space and is a campaign that spans the entire solar system. A game changer, players learn about the crafting system and combat rigs. The game even includes a 1980s-themed Zombies in Spaceland multiplayer (a distractive sub-feature I am not really fond of, but it’s enjoyable).

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The already fun game just got a little bit more insane. Activision released a new post that details the game’s weapons armories, side missions and a new feature called the Specialist Mode. This mode is not for the faint of heart, but complete this, and you’ll unlock YOLO mode: a permadeath mode wherein dying means a restart of the entire game.

Goodbye, regenerative health mechanics.

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If this doesn’t have you peeing in your nerdy pants, imagine this. The specialist mode trains you for the eventual YOLO game. For example, in Specialist, you can only heal with Nano Shots. There is absolutely no health regeneration. Helmets are only your protection against headshots. They take permanent damage and need to be eventually replaced. Oh! And if you get shot in the legs, your movement is impacted. This applies to the arms as well. Get shot there, and your aim suffers.

This is a totally realistic and completely fantastic (is it obvious I am loving this feature?) mode that will be released in early November.

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Discussing Guitar Hero and Why Music Games are no Longer Popular

Guitar Hero used to be everywhere. Whether it was on a personal console or at the local amusement franchise, everyone was rocking out to Activision’s music coordination game. The game was so popular that It had several sequels before petering out.

But what happened? Guitar Hero once claimed the honor of being the first great game franchise of the 21st century. After releasing its sixth title in the series, Guitar Heroes: Warriors of Rock, and receiving dismal reviews and sales, Activision announced it was officially discontinuing the franchise.

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Many gamers attribute the decline to several factors. The first is oversaturation. To date, there are more than a hundred music game spin-offs of Guitar Hero. Each of these games come with their unique controllers, which are generally expensive. Even those that allow people to play on their tablets or smartphones have to be paid for. The free ones have annoying ads or are simply not interesting enough. This leads to the second reason for the decline: there is no more novelty.

When Guitar Hero first came out, the concept was new and exciting. People with musical dreams could suddenly become the rock star they’ve always wanted to be. Unfortunately, Activision did nothing to change the platform of the game; each title in the series being almost the same as the last. This lack of innovation and change wore thin with players and led to decreased sales.

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That said, Guitar Hero is still a classic party game, although it will probably never reach the height of fame it once boasted about a couple of years.

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How Metal Gear Solid Changed The Gaming Industry

Metal Gear Solid changed my life. So many of my life principles were taken from the game. Who would have thought that an action game would have such a profound impact on the youth? Perhaps this is not so surprising considering its significant impacts to the gaming industry as well.

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When the first game was published in 1998, it was with the fervent wish that people would like it. The concept of the game was relatively new: a semi-historical game that featured new gaming actions. Needless to say, the public loved it. It introduced the concept of radar jarring and a favorite among fans is trying to sneak in without being seen by NPCs. And I would be remiss if I forget to mention the classic boss fight between Solid Snake and Psycho Mantis. Until that point, boss fights were done just through controller button pressing. This fight further engaged the player. To beat Psycho Mantis, players had to switch controller ports (because then, Psycho Mantis could not read your thoughts).

This revolutionized what could or could not be done in terms of player interactivity. This was further expanded in the other games, with Hideo Kojima pushing the boundaries of action gameplay.

Another impact to the gaming industry is Metal Gear’s love for storytelling. MGS1 has some of the most beautiful backstories I’ve ever heard. Also, based on your actions, your endings change as well, with you leaving with either Meryl or Otacon. Regardless of who you leave with, the ending conversation in MGS1 between Snake and Naomi remains one of the most poignant in computer game history.

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This is why Metal Gear Solid will always have a place in every computer game nerd’s heart.

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Fuel Your Day With a Slice Of Rugbrød

Denmark is known for its rich cuisine. Being home to the world’s best bacon and 26 Michelin-star restaurants, Denmark is, without a doubt, a place for the eternally hungry. But Denmark’s finest foods are not all greasy and meaty. The country is also known for rugbrød, also known as the Danish rye bread.

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A lot of people think that wheat bread is the healthiest bread option out there, but with the rugbrød, you can never go wrong. It presents a lot of health benefits, and it tastes great too.

Rye, the primary ingredient of the rugbrød, is a cereal grain that is somewhat similar to wheat. It varies in color, but is usually in grayish green or yellowish brown. Rye flour has more nutrients than wheat flour because it is hard to separate bran and germ from its endosperm.

The Danish rye bread is low in fat and has no added fats or oils. It is usually flavored with salt or barley malt syrup. It is low or free from sugar, and is considered as a great alternative to white bread.

While many Danes start their day with a slice of rugbrød and butter, others step their morning sandwich game up by creating tasty smørrebrød, or open sandwiches.

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Deep Vr: Gaming For Wellness

When people think about virtual reality, they see images of explosions, rides, and things disorienting. But have you ever thought about VR as a tool for relaxation and wellness?

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Here’s Deep VR, a game especially designed to help people meditate and breathe properly, which helps alleviate mild depression, stress, and anxiety.

I tried Deep VR through the Oculus Rift with my friends the other day, and to be honest, I did not have high hopes for it at first. I always thought virtual reality was designed for “action-packed” themes, and to see a game that addresses wellness (aside from Wii sports) was just weird for me then.

Deep has a custom controller (wrapped around the stomach area) that measures the expansion of the diaphragm which senses deep breathing. Whatever the controller senses, it sends back to the player in VR, in different visual images. The images sent by the game to the player are linked to their consciousness and breathing patterns.

The VR game can be played just for fun, or for therapeutic reasons. It doesn’t require the movement of the limbs. It’s just you, your mind, and the air you breathe.

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I personally think this game will not just help people who are feeling stressed and worn out with their everyday work. It can also positively affect younger players. This game will teach them that it’s not bad to take some time off to slow down and relax.

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The Biggest Gaming Tournaments In The World

Who says gaming is a lonely affair? The rise of e-sports proves that gaming can inspire a sense of community and togetherness and even rouse heated and exciting competitions. In fact, the world of competitive gaming is on the rise with some tournaments having six-figure prize payouts and major stadiums being packed with millions of spectators and gaming enthusiasts. Here are some of the biggest tournaments rocking the gaming world right now:

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LoL World Championship

Now on its sixth year, LoL World Champhionship is the professional League of Legends tournament hosted by Riot Games. The competition is a multi-city and multi-country event and is held at several venues across Europe. In 2015, the tournament was attended by over 50 million viewers.

The International

The International is an e-sports Dota 2 championship tournament hosted by Valve Corporation, the game's developer. The sixth edition of the famous tournament is set on August 2016. Last year, The International awarded the biggest prize pool in e-sports history at over $18 million with the winning team, Evil Geniuses, taking home over $6 million.

Smite World Championship

This tournament offers the fifth largest prize pool in e-sports history at $2,000,000. This is pretty impressive feat given that the competition is only on its second year. Organized by Hi-rez Studios, the tournament attracts elite professional e-sports teams and over a million viewers on the arena and on video platform, Twitch.

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